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Less stress and more success. That’s my wish for you.

I assure you, it’s possible.
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You got your real estate license. Now what?

Congratulations, you can now buy and sell houses. But where do you even start? It’s so competitive, and no one is offering to share their secrets and strategies.

Or maybe you’ve been doing this for a while but feel drained and depleted, not sure you have what it takes to find success in such a competitive industry.

I’ve got news for you.

Gone are the days of the hard sell, pressure from quotas, and sticking to the script.

There are other viable options.

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Career Transition Support: Ready for Real Estate?

The first question I ask my clients is: “Are you sure you’re ready to commit to a career in real estate?”

If that answer is a “Hell Yes!”, that’s what I’m here for.

This one-hour private session is how you can figure that out.

I help my clients understand the reality of working in real estate, what happens behind the scenes and all the aspects to consider and plan for before making the leap.

Spend an hour with me and we’ll have a heart to heart coaching session to discuss whether a career in real estate is a good fit for you.

Investment: $100

Set Yourself Up For Success

This self-paced course provides a step by step understanding of what it takes to have a successful career in real estate, on your terms.

Each video will cover a topic that focuses on your transferable skills from previous career experience, problem-solving, and your personal strategy for establishing your career in real estate.

We will cover:
  • How to find the right brokerage for you
  • What you need to set yourself on the path to success
  • Building quality relationships with clients and industry peers
  • Using personality strengths to maximize your potential
  • Understanding compensation models
  • Utilizing skills you already have

This course includes:
  • Six relevant, informational videos
  • Worksheets and resources
  • Lifetime access
Investment: $297
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1:1 Real Estate Rockstar Coaching

You became a Realtor® because you love houses and are passionate about people finding their ideal home.

You also want the income and flexibility the top Realtors® are acquiring, yet all you’re feeling is pressure, frustration, and insecurity.

There’s no denying that it can be lonely in a competitive industry like real estate. Have no fear, your real estate “work bestie” is here!

With some clarity and the guidance of an experienced coach who has your back, you can create a personal business plan that has you making money and loving what you do.

During our time together, we will focus on:

  • Setting clear and realistic goals that suit you
  • Taking action towards accomplishing those goals
  • Preparing for obstacles before they show up
  • Learning how to leverage your innate talents
  • Setting boundaries to protect your energy, mental health, and well being

What you get:

  • Six weeks of 60-minute private calls with me
  • Text and email communication
  • Tools you can implement immediately
  • Development of soft skills that lead to success
  • Continual support and resources

The way I see it, you can work for a real estate company or two, hope that some experienced agent will take you under their wing, get beat up for a bit, and then work with me. Or we can skip that trial and error part and get right to it.

Time Saving Templates

There are a lot of time consuming responsibilities when you’re running your own real estate business. Making attractive and engaging documents and templates is one of them. That’s why we created Real Estate Glitter, an online shop for your real estate marketing needs.
  • Résumés
  • Social media
  • Buyer guides
  • …And more

Make your real estate presence sparkle!

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