Meet Amy
lady in dress on ladder

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Dr. Amy Fridhi:

  • Real estate consultant and coach
  • Your “all things real estate” business guru
  • Champion for the new wave of real estate agents
  • Work bestie who listens, encourages, motivates and supports feminine and fierce realtors who are ready to bypass the stodgy, old school ways of real estate sales.

With over 15 years in education and now a thriving career in real estate, I know how crucial it is to learn the right skills and strategies to reap the rewards that a career in real estate can offer.

As an anti-sales real estate consultant and coach, I spend time showing new Realtors® and established Realtors® who are done with the struggle of conforming, how to create a strategy that works for them.

One that allows them to meet their potential without feeling drained, and having energy left over to celebrate their wins.

When I’m not supporting my coaching clients or evaluating real estate properties for myself or my investor clients, I enjoy good coffee, great cocktails, and cuddling my two rescue kitties. I spend my time between Boston, MA. and Naples, FL., and anywhere else my travel opportunities take me.

It’s Time. Are you ready?