What shoes do I wear as a Realtor®?

feet wearing one white sneakers and 1 black pump

If you’ve ever watched any of those Million Dollar listing shows on TV you probably think that all real estate agents need to dress in high heels and Gucci. This is not the case. There is a time and place for sky-high stilettos (I think), but it certainly isn’t at a home inspection. What shoes you wear as an agent depends on a variety of factors.

Your own style. Are you a bit of a hippie? Let that shine through in the footwear you select. Do you have a taste for the finer things? Feel free to wear designer flip-flops if you are an agent in Florida.

Where you work. Are you a city dweller dealing mostly in luxury high rises? By all means, wear the heels, and make them fancy. Are you a rural agent who spends most of the day showing farmland? Some sort of stylish boot might be a much better option.

Who your clients are. If you deal with multi-million dollar clients, unfortunately, your Payless loafers probably aren’t going to cut it. However, selling property in a much more casual suburban town? Rock those casual booties all day.

The weather. This is every real estate agent’s nemesis. You leave the house prepared for one kind of weather and by the time the day is done, it’s like the seasons changed at lunchtime. Do your best to look at the forecast and pick the right shoes for the day (sandals, rain boots, whatever), but also be prepared. I highly recommend keeping an emergency pair of something in your trunk.

As a real estate agent, you are going to be driving and walking a fair amount. This includes going up and down stairs, walking through yards, and even stumbling around basements. You want to make sure that your footwear is comfortable for a long day and also safe for you to do all these things. If stilettos are your jam, I’m not going to say don’t do it…but I’m going to say don’t do it.

I’m also not suggesting that you wear beat-up tennis shoes either. Although there is a time and place for a nice pair of sneakers, in general, you want your footwear to look professional and polished. There are plenty of options out there that can accomplish this while still being functional.

Need fashion advice? Hit the DMs.

Ready to rock as a Realtor® by building a business on your terms?