How to write a new agent bio

lighted sign reading "this is who I am"

Real estate agents who are newer to the field may wonder how the heck to write a bio that makes you sound knowledgeable and experienced, but not like a newcomer. You may not realize it but every job you’ve ever had before becoming an agent has skills and experience that are applicable to what you are about to do.

Were you previously a teacher? If you can manage 25 twelve-year-olds in a classroom, you can manage the parties in a real estate transaction. Did you work in some sort of artistic field like graphic design? You’ve got an eye for what looks great in pictures. Did you work in finance or accounting? You’ll be a wiz at calculating approximate mortgage costs, down payments, and earnest money deposits.

The real secret to writing a killer new agent bio is authenticity. No one is suggesting that you lie about your experience. What we are suggesting is that you showcase your talents and experience and illustrate how they are applicable to being a realtor. Are you a homeowner? Do you own investment properties? Just because you may have sat on the other side of the table for these transactions, you gained valuable experience going through the process. Include this.

Will you be working in your hometown or in an area you’ve lived in for a long time? Use this as a selling point. You know the best coffee shops, dog parks, and secret parking spots. Let your potential clients know this. They want to work with someone who knows the area and show them the best places to live.

Were you a stay-at-home home or member of the PTO? Kids are a natural connection. Talk about yours. Talk about your experience with the local schools. These are all important things for families looking to buy a home in the area.

Beyond skills and experience, people want to work with someone and they can relate to. Do you like coffee? Talk about it. Do you have pets? Let me see them. Speak multiple languages? Tell the world. All of this is a part of who you are and should be included in your new agent bio.

Still not sure where to start? Take a look at other agent bios in your office and in your area. Find some inspiration in what they’ve written. Still stuck? Let’s chat.

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