Coaching the New Wave of Real Estate Agents

Let’s talk about the reality of being a Realtor®…

Together we’ll find the best way for you to authentically:

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Kiss the stereotype goodbye

You know that stigma around what it takes to make sales in real estate, and that this “tried and true” system is fine the way it is?

I disagree.

Trying to force yourself into a box is suffocating and defeating. I believe that you can have success, set boundaries, and reach your professional goals with ease and confidence.

You can minimize stress, and maximize your income by knowing who you are and trusting yourself.

It’s Time. Are you ready?

How to rock as a Realtor® by building a business on your terms

No yelling, no jumping jacks, no begging, borrowing, or stealing. Just you feeling confident in your ability as a Realtor®, providing professional, elevated service. Be true to who you are and what you do best and you’ll establish long term, trust-based relationships with loyal clients.

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Meet your coach, Amy

When I first entered the “old school” real estate world, I fought my way to the top. Every step I took I realized that forcing myself into what others thought was a successful real estate persona would not work for me. That I would have to forge my own path. And you know what?

I did it, and you can, too.

You see, I don’t care as much about the amount of money you make as a Realtor®. I care more about how you feel about what you’re choosing to do to make that money. If you don’t feel great about it, you can’t be great at it.

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